Home Coffee Roaster, "Power Roaster" Testimonials:

"Thanks Asher for answering all my questions and for bringing us the home roasters. I have been roasting my beans over a pan for the past few weeks. I can't stress enough difference of just-roasted coffee versus the mainstream ones. Now, I can do it in lesser time and effort. I'll share this knowledge to more people. Hope to see you in Indonesia, soon."                                                  

Jeffrey Manhilot, Manila, Philippines - May 5, 2016


"I grew up drinking freshly roasted coffee my grandmother would buy from the shops after they roast and grind every morning.  My grandmother would say that it was "fresh out of the oven".  There were no known "de-gassing" or "resting" time.  My grandmother would buy the freshly roasted and have the shop grind the beans before bringing home a small bag to brew. She'd usually divide the coffee powder into 2 portions, 1 to be brewed in the morning, and the 2nd portion for later in the evening.  The aroma and taste of these freshly roasted coffee beans had encircled almost all my childhood.

Fast forward a decade or 2, and I was buying capsules and all sorts of instant coffee for instant gratification. However, no matter how much I spent on the equipment or the coffee beans where were roasted from miles away, vacuum packed for its voyage across the Atlantic, it couldn't capture my childhood experiences.

Then it happened.

I was a big fan of TED.  And in mid 2012, I came across a TEDx video recording.  And this man with an intense look in his eyes shared his knowledge on this bean and the importance of Freshly Roasted beans.

I knew then that was something I wanted to do.... roast my own beans!

I went out to get a "blend" of green beans (noob alert) and started roasting it.. and it came out really bad! Some were charcoaled whilst others were passable... but I grind them all, and it tasted FANTASTIC... with some charred after-taste....

I wrote to Asher when I found him on Facebook and actually wanted to find out how I can buy a roaster from him.  Anyway, for some reason, Facebook messaging failed us.  I went on with my life (and my blend of green beans are still somewhere in the kitchen) and went back to "dead" coffee beans that were freshly roasted months ago.. .vacuum packed and shipped to my country.

Imagine my surprise, when 3 weeks ago, I received an email from Asher!  Looks like Facebook had somewhere filtered the messages, but those days are over!

Within a week of exchanging several messages with Asher, I bought a home-kit from him and started roasting.

In the past weeks, the amount of knowledge I have learnt from Asher has been astronomical!  And these weren't just "theory". Because I have started roasting my own coffee and experienced all the various differences between Just Roasted coffee which I grind and brew almost immediately once the beans cool... and the experience is VERY different. And at almost every step of the way, whenever I had questions, Asher was there for me.

Thanks to Asher for his unselfish sharing of knowledge, I now know much more about coffee, and I'm sure there's a whole lot more to learn and experience for myself.  And of course, the more I know, the more confused I am about some of the commercial practices today.

I am now ready to start a Coffee Revolution with Asher aka Pak Kopi.

Thanks Asher! Toda!"

Raymond Lay, Singapore, May 3, 2016


"I watched Asher Yaron's presentation at Tedx and get interested more on his philosophy about coffee. So i go to YouTube and go to his channel. I watched all his videos. He got really interesting point a view about coffee so i tried it. One of my attempt is buying his Power Roaster. At first my roasting is way overcooked and the second one is slightly better but still feel way bitter when i make coffee with it with pour over method. Then i show it to Asher and he is very helpful and kind enough to share and make sure i get it right. And you know what? i get way much better in the next batch. More consistent and not overcook. The experience that i have after trying this is you can tell the difference between a really fresh coffee with coffee I just roast, and with the coffee bean that is more than a week old. One of the different that really significant is when i did the pour over coffee on the blooming process the coffee that was more than a week, it just has a foam from the gas. But the fresh coffee that i just roast with Power Roaster, it bloom beautifully like it became a live...seriously. I amazed how it bloom all the way up make like a half of a ball shape. And the taste also more fresh. I tried with Bali Kintamani green bean."

Thanks Asher for sharing this experience. :)

Rikky Risdiansah, Jakarta Indonesia, April 15, 2016


"I have had my coffee roaster for about a year.  I use it daily.
It takes 8-10 min to roast the beans, then another 5 minutes to cool completely before grinding.  Home roasting is a way to ensure freshness.  You can really tell the difference and it would be hard to go back after roasting your own. One cup is totally satisfying.
For two people it is the perfect capacity.  I highly recommend the Pak Kopi’s Power Roaster."

Pauline OBrien, Bali, Indonesia, April 2016


"......thanks for your search and discovery, fresh roasted coffee has changed me as a human!  You've done a great deal for the world wide coffee-drug community! Thanks to you we can all get soooo much higher ;) "                                                                                                                                                                       Sean Magin, New Zealand, March 2016


"It's been going great and the cafe has been a success!  People are loving the freshness.  I wanted to thank you so much for introducing us to your roaster!"

One Year Later:  "The business is going well and people love the coffee..........I have been approached by one cafe in the city thats very busy to roast for them so thats also a possibility for the future and we're excited.  I love roasting its been really enjoyable and I'm getting better and better at it."

Natasha and Kimmi, Catering Green, Perth, Australia, December 2015


This testimonial came after using my Power Roaster for the last 6 months: 

"We had to drink regular coffee while in Australia for 2 weeks - the difference when we came home and made a fresh cup - like night and day - the coffee was as we both know: ALIVE, vital, full of energy and big flavor.  The Australian coffee was flat, dull."
Lise Baker, Bali, Indonesia, May 2015


"Today marks the start of a momentous era in my evolution as a coffee drinker, a point of no return from which there can never be any... return. Ten years ago I only drank coffee at weddings as a poor man's cocaine just so I could stay up later consuming alcohol and dancing. It was black and viscous and loaded up with as much milk and sugar as possible while still allowing for a caffeine kick. Eight years ago, as the father of a newborn who woke at 5 most days, I started taking Maggie down to the Dunkin Donuts on our block for a morning cup of milky, sweet and tepid Joe. (Maggie preferred the Mochacinno Frappe.) Seven years ago we moved to Indonesia, and with a stressful job and a kitchen in the office I started on a few cups of Kopi Bali a day-- locally grown and roasted but usually pretty poor quality, finely ground and added directly to hot water in the cup. High acid, lots of sediment. Four years ago Asher Yaron Pak Kopi himself, arrived on the scene and kick-started in earnest the development of my koffee konsciousness with the development of FREAK, a locally grown, organic arabica fresh roasted in machines he had specially built here. I bought a French Press, and then a stove-top Moka espresso maker. My transformation was nearly complete. Today, I am the proud owner of Asher's latest gift to the coffee drinking universe: a Pak Kopi home power roaster. This morning I took a scoop of freshly harvested green coffee beans (coffee berries, actually), popped them into the roaster and 4 minutes later made the freshest, most alive cup of coffee in my history as a coffee drinker. There's no going back baby! Two double lattes later I feel euphoric, yet calm. And I look great-- even my abs seem to be more ripped. Just hoping I can get this device through customs on my way back to the US next month. I don't think I can survive without it for six weeks. Thanks and terima kasih, Asher Yaron. Long live Pak Kopi!"

Ben Macrory, Ubud, Bali, February 2015


"Asher's coffee has changed my passion for coffee.
Being Italian I was raised with coffee and milk therefore coffee became pretty much part of the day to day life, one shot espresso and off I go, until I met Asher Yaron and his Freshly roasted organic Kintamani arabica, coffee. All of a sudden coffee tasted so much better, smell so nicely that I could only drink his coffee. I used to travel with 1 or 2 pack of F.R.E.A.K. coffee beans and savoury it and then felt so sad when the beans were finished, but now with Pak Kopi revolutionary Power Roaster I can travel with my green beans knowing that it will always be fresh and it will always taste so good. Pak Kopi Power roaster is such a revolution in my life, in today's fast pace life it has brought back a sense of calm and satisfaction, the ritual of roasting every morning the beans I will need for the day, allowing the whole house filling up with coffee's aroma, breathing in all its fragrance when the beans are cooling off, grounding the beans and prepare the coffee to my liking in the comfort of my home is a unique feeling. The whole process of making coffee is now a ritual that allows me to slow down while enjoying preparing a cup of coffee, knowing that when I will have my first sip of the day the flavour of my day will have changed for the better. This coffee has the power to make me feel happy, content and it taste so good. Thank you Asher you are a master of your craft."

Claudia Perucchini, Italy, January 2015


"I joined the Pak Kopi roasting community about a month ago and I am not a joiner, but when it comes to coffee and how to have a better cup of coffee, I am all in.  I have drank coffee for as long as I can remember.  My grandmother would put a little of her coffee in the saucer and give it to me as a child, so I have been hooked for a long time...physically and emotionally.

I knew that fresh roasted coffee was the best tasting and best for you, but not an option in Bali until the Pak Kopi roaster was conceived.  I think I was one of the first to get one and like the others it has changed my whole relationship, my long relationship with coffee.....I was after a really good coffee and what I got was much more.

I love the ritual in the morning of roasting my beans and brewing my coffee, it is very easy and I have found the perfect timing for my perfect cup of coffee.  Usually I roast the beans for nearly 5 minutes, if I want it stronger than a bit longer and if I want it less acidic I make it with cold water.  The best thing and what I was not expecting is that I don't drink coffee other than the coffee I make anymore.........I used to have a cup in the morning and then buy one in town, but since I have gotten the roaster I notice that I don't need another coffee and if I do have an "outside" coffee it is not the same, the taste, smell, and feeling.

So if you are serious about your coffee you need a roaster, join the Pak Kopi community and revolution!!!"    

Rebecca Penrose, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, November 2014


"I think there has been something extremely seductive about making myself a coffee, in the last few days ... Every morning, I would wake up half an hour earlier and choose my green beans then throw them in the roaster. With a lazy step, I would go and take a quick shower: my skin would refresh under the velvety water while I’d fill my lungs with a deep aroma of coffee and chocolate together. Wrapping my body in a soft towel, I’d turn on the music and direct towards the kitchen. I’d wait for that subtle sound that accompanies the crushing beans then I would start brewing, for some minutes only. I would measure the powder and fill my Italian Moka (Pot). While choosing my clothes for the day, I would wait for the beep of the machine, telling me that the coffee is ready. I would pick my cup and pour half of the black liquid inside: closed eyes, I would breathe in, again and again, then take the first sip. My lips, my mouth and my heart would progressively be warmed up and my senses would be rewarded by the intense flavour, which would finally invade my brain. I would open the eyes and pour in the other half. This round, I would linger with pleasure under the very first rays of the sun, till my cup would be empty".   

Mihaela Maricescu, Romania, September 2014


"What a fantastic and simple machine. Every coffee freak should have one. Thanks Asher!" 

Jurgen Israel, Australia, August 2014


"We bought one of Pak Asher's home roasters and it is the best!  Freshly roasted coffee every morning. I love the process of roasting, grinding then brewing. The coffee tastes and feels better than the cafe. Very happy we made the purchase." 

Trina Minter, Bali, Indonesia, August 2014


"We have had our business running for 4 1/2 years now and we thought that we knew how to make great coffee, and we certainly have a good reputation for that....but with Asher's concept of "fresh is best" and making sure we can consume the coffee within 5 or so days after roasting, this has put a totally new light on having great Espresso coffee".               Video Testimonial

Greg Johnston, Delish Cafe, Phuket, Thailand, July 2014





"I had a great time with Pak Kopi in Bali even if a very short time. The 4-kilo Roaster Machine come with very basic simple fixtures and easy to operate. I had mastered it in just a few instructions given by Pak Kopi. With that my very first roasting of a 4 kg green beans turn to just roasted beans in less than one hour.

The moment I tasted this so called "Just Roasted" coffee, I can feel the freshness and the energy that kicked into my body. It was so different from the coffee that I used to buy from the shelves. 

In fact, Pak Kopi had done a great job in creating this simple roaster machine yet give us a very fresh and just roasted coffee. 

So I wish in the near future he could make it possible and realize his dream that one day everyone can enjoy "Just Roasted" coffee instead of stale or dead coffee."               Terima Kasih. 

Quah Teik Lai, Penang, Malaysia


"I have been always fascinated about the coffee ever since I started to work as a barista in a small coffee shop. However, after many years of work experience I realized that there is actually very little knowledge about the coffee itself within the coffee shops and their customers. As a result, since 2014 I have started to read and research about coffee’s culture that pursued me to open my own coffee business that not only provides the best coffees, but also the knowledge about the coffee industry to the customers. That is then, during my coffee research I came across Asher. We know each other for 6 months now, and there has been a constant support from Asher since the very first email. 
I was a bit doubtful at first, but Asher has explained me all the advantages of the roaster and how it can help my business. The process was very smooth and reasonably fast. I have even received a personal training support via online chat on my first roast. Asher has been there for me in every single stage of my roasting journey. Even today, Asher is helping me with my business. I have never come across a person that really cares so much about their clients and how they are getting along with the product.
I am so happy to come across Asher in my coffee journey, and I am excited about what comes next. Joining Pak Kopi roasting community has been the greatest step that I took so far and am excited to learn more from Asher.
England, watch out for next big coffee expert!"

Marius Penerauskas, London, U.K.


"It's been going great and the cafe has been a success!  People are loving the freshness.  I wanted to thank you so much for introducing us to your roaster!"

One Year Later:  "The business is going well and people love the coffee..........I have been approached by one cafe in the city thats very busy to roast for them so thats also a possibility for the future and we're excited.  I love roasting its been really enjoyable and I'm getting better and better at it."

Natasha and Kimmi, Catering Green, Perth, Australia, August 4, 2015


"Purely simple.......a simple process, a simple machine.  Easy instructions for loading the coffee, there is a lot of room for error and flexibility......it almost seems too simple!............the aroma was fantastic grinding those beans!  After that experience, all other coffee seems bland/dead... I have been drinking FREAK (Coffee) for years, but this whole thing was the "I get it!" moment.

Rob Rampley - The Koop - Seminyak, Bali, June 18, 2015


"I've been doing up some lovely roasts on my machine.  The key components to do a good roast are all there - good heat source, fast rotating stainless steel drum".............The cooling is very basic.  Turn off the heat and put a fan onto the rotating drum."  

Purri Gould, NSW Austrailia, March 4, 2015


"I have wanted to roast coffee for a couple of decades, but never found the equipment, level of integrity, nor passion in a company as I searched for someone to teach and train me, sell me equipment, offer me the depth of knowledge I desired to embody the essence of coffee.

And then I ran across Asher Yaron’s Ted Talk.  I knew immediately he was THE individual to mentor me.

Asher provides not only a degree of knowledge that most roast companies cannot offer, but a level of experience, passion, and intimacy with the bean and process, plus an understanding of the body and how a true food can affect it –both positively and negatively.

Asher provides a beautifully simple machine for roasting, set up and training, equipment and suppliers necessary to make the process simple, effective, and successful.  He tailored things to my market and demographics, encouraged me to see the possibilities,

He created the roaster, shipped it, set it up, tested and trained me on it, worked with me on various green bean options and ordering, power needs, the art as well as the science of the roast, and cold press production.

I cannot speak highly enough of Mr. Yaron and my experience, the equipment, the individual tailoring to me needs".

Mimi Chatwood, Crested Butte, Colorado, August 2014


"We have had our business running for 4 1/2 years now......we thought we knew how to make great coffee, and certainly had a good reputation for that, but with Asher's concept of  "Fresh is Best!" and making sure we can consume the coffee within 5 or so days after roasting, this has put a totally new light on having great Espresso coffee".

"Learning the operation of the machine (roaster) actually didn't take so long, after just one roast we are more than happy that we can get consistent results".

Greg Johnston, Delish Cafe, Phuket, Thailand, June 2015