Pak Kopi, aka Asher Yaron

Pak Kopi has spent the past many years studying, researching, and practicing many different techniques and processes for the most widely used psychoactive drug on the planet, Coffea Arabica, or Arabica Coffee.  Through extensive testing his discoveries and theories have often been opposed to the beliefs and practices of the coffee industry.

Mr. Yaron has over ten years experience as a coffee roaster and believes that the roasting process (specifically, eliminating the time between roasting and consuming) is the key to creating the best coffee.   He has invented his own commercial coffee roasting machines that he has been manufacturing and selling to cafe’s and chefs around the world.  For the past 7 years he has been promoting micro-roasting and gave a TEDx talk in 2012 in Ubud, Bali, that is one of the most popular coffee talks of all time.

 TEDx Ubud - Asher Yaron

In addition, Mr. Yaron has also created a YouTube Channel, “Coffee University”, in which he teaches about different aspects of the coffee making process. 

Coffee University - Youtube Channel

For the past 3+ years he has focused on bringing the roasting experience directly to the consumer in their own home.  His latest project has been the creation of a home coffee roasting machine he calls "The Power Roaster".

Pak Kopi believes that there is a lot more to coffee than its usefulness as a pleasant caffeinated beverage.  He states, "Coffee cannot be fully understood without exploring its effect on human consciousness.....our minds are focusing mechanisms that have the ability and power to focus our thoughts and attention upon what we want to create (manifest) in the physical world.  Arabica Coffee assists us in this process....and...the purer the form that we are consuming, the more powerful and beneficial are its effects".